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It's All About Relationships

Without relationships and a support system, accomplishing goals for older youth in foster care can be difficult. Fostering Acadia is a place where youth not only feel valued but also supported. At Fostering Acadia, it is truly all about relationships and how we can best support youth in dreaming big, setting goals, and taking action.  


Fostering Acadia is not just a program but a place of opportunities. We have several individualized opportunities for youth to dream, pursue, and accomplish their goals. Please see our specialized programs introduced below. Contact us for further information regarding these opportunities Fostering Acadia has to offer.

Permanency Project

One of the most important indicators of a young person's success in the influence of a caring adult. Fostering Acadia connects volunteers in the community with interested youth.

Parent & Child Program

Becoming a teenage parent is hard. Fostering Acadia answers those tough questions, celebrates milestones, and walks alongside youth entering parenthood.

Car Incentive Program

Reliable transportation can be such a frustrating barrier to achieving goals. Fostering Acadia puts money towards the purchase of a personal vehicle they can count on.

Scholarship & Housing Subsidy Program

For youth aging out of foster care, finding affordable housing can feel impossible. Fostering Acadia created  a scholarship and subsidize housing program for foster youth between 21-23 years of age. 

Military Leadership Program

The armed services offer amazing opportunities with structure and housing for aging out youth. Fostering Acadia created a military leadership program in collaboration with S3E Fitness to strategically prepare youth with a personalized training regimen. This program is geared for youth interested in joining the military or strengthening their leadership skills.

IL for a Day

Choosing an independent living arrangement can be overwhelming. Fostering Acadia offers pre-placement visits called IL for a Day that involve touring all apartment complexes, meeting current youth, engaging in some of our favorite community activities, and completing a mock grocery shopping experience. Come visit us and experience for yourself what Fostering Acadia is all about.

Entrepreneur Leadership Program

Pursuing a dream of starting a business can feel like an uphill battle. Fostering Acadia encourages entrepreneurial spirit and partners with youth to develop a business plan, apply for a business license, and participate in entrepreneurial competitions.

Youth Savings Program

Developing a savings account is an essential part of a solid transition plan. Each month, Fostering Acadia contributes to a youth's savings account. This account grows throughout their entire placement with Fostering Acadia and is available to them when they discharge.

Educational Center

High school completion and secondary education provide important opportunities for long term success. Fostering Acadia has an Educational Center with a full time Educational Services Coordinator to support youth with an individualized strategy to accomplish their educational goals. We also collaborate with Great Expectations and Penn Foster.

Employment Support

Finding and maintaining a job is foundational to living independently. Fostering Acadia equips youth with individualized training, a job readiness certification course, and access to transportation. We support youth in applying, interviewing, and keeping a job.

Employer Partnerships

It can be difficult to get your foot in the door of a positive work environment. Fostering Acadia has community partners that offer networking opportunities for our youth. These partners 

collaborate with Fostering Acadia to assist youth in developing professional skills by providing ongoing feedback and support. 

Youth Volunteer Program

 A great way to build confidence is to give back to the community. Fostering Acadia promotes volunteer opportunities that allow youth to get experience in a field of interest, build their resume, and make a difference in their community

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