A Dream That Became a Reality

Fostering Acadia is a licensed child placing agency through the Virginia Department of Social Services. In April of 2017, Fostering Acadia officially opened its doors to the community as an independent living arrangement serving foster care youth 17-21 years of age.

The founder, Jason Brown, had a dream of serving older youth in foster care while also focusing on finding permanency for them. After several years of dreaming and deliberate planning, Fostering Acadia became a reality. Now as one of the largest IL programs in the state of Virginia, Jason and his team continue to serve older youth seeking an 

independent living arrangement that offers life-changing opportunities.  

Jason Brown

Founder/Executive Director 

Robert Vermont

Special Initiatives Director 

Taylor Hayes
ILA Support Staff 

Talia Brown 

Program Director  

Crystal Ellis


April Leslie
ILA Support Staff

Drew Doody

Quality Assurance Director

Tamika Campbell 

ILA Support Staff

Rebekah Brown

Permanency Project Director 

Debra Bowman

Educational Services Coordinator 

Cleveland Taylor

ILA Support Staff

Brent Rolsten

Executive Assistant

Justin Acors

ILA Support Staff

Liz Emmons

Housing Relations Coordinator

Kenny Randleman

ILA Support Staff

Heather Randleman
ILA Support Staff

Addison Prewett

ILA Support Staff

Victoria Mobley
ILA Support Staff

Permanency is Possible for Older Youth in IL Programs

Many youth within the foster care system have few positive connections that they can rely on while in an independent living arrangement or after aging out of care. Fostering Acadia aims to address this issue of permanency by utilizing host families, host couples, and host individuals through the Permanency Project. The Permanency Project is the heartbeat of Fostering Acadia, providing natural community supports that offer the availability of permanency. Each Fostering Acadia youth will have the opportunity to participate in the Permanency Project and be connected with natural community supports. Our Permanency Project volunteers go through background checks, trauma trainings, and routine mental health trainings. They also receive ongoing support and guidance to aid them in building lasting relationships. If you are interested in the Permanency Project, please contact Rebekah Brown at rebekah@fosteringacadia.org. Together, let's put an end to youth aging out of foster care without permanency.